What is DeFiner 1.0?

DeFiner 1.0 is our DeFi Savings product

Launch Date: November 2020

Our DeFi savings product was officially launched in November 2020 and functions much like a traditional bank savings account.

How does it work?

The savings pool enables users to deposit and withdraw funds whenever and wherever they want. No bank hours to worry about and no signatures or I.D. are required. Simply choose the currency and deposit/withdraw instantly. A DeFi savings account is a smart contract deployed on the blockchain, which can help to execute transactions like deposit, withdraw, borrow, and repay among depositors, borrowers, and other stakeholders. DeFiner itself has no control of the DeFi savings account and/or the underlying transactions. In this way, users can directly transact with each other and without putting their assets under the custodianship of DeFiner. It is entirely peer-to-peer and provides users with an unprecedented degree of power and control heretofore unavailable via traditional savings account providers.

Second, all this efficiency reduces total costs and allows us to pay account holders significantly higher interest rates on their money when compared to traditional banking institutions. Customers earn compound interest every day and their assets are deposited into what we call a "savings pool". And because it's completely managed on the blockchain, all fund balances and transactions are fully visible, transparent, and immediately available for transfer or withdrawal.

Summary: Savings Pool is more affordable, more convenient, more secure, and more accessible online anywhere, anytime 24x7x365.

As with DeFi Peer-to-Pere Loan, Definer’s monetization model is based on margin, which is the interest difference between the capital cost and interest rate paid, and which typically falls in the 10%-20% range.



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