What Are the Fees for Using DeFiner?

One of the many benefits of DeFi

  • 10% of interest earned, due at withdrawal 
  • DeFi Savings: no other fees
  • DeFi Peer-to-Peer Lending: 0.01 ETH at loan origination 

One of the best features of decentralized finance is how much cheaper it is than traditional finance. To be more precise, while the average cost percentage of using traditional finance is about 3.5%, decentralized finance cuts this to about 1%.

Because we get rid of the financial middlemen, the savings are passed onto our users. That’s why the only fees we charge are:

  • DeFiner shares 10% of the profit (the interest earned on loans) made through the network.
  • DeFiner will take 10% of the total interest earned upon the withdrawal of funds.

While deposited, users keep 100% of their interest earned and enjoy the power of compound earning. 

For peer-to-peer lending, there is an additional 0.01 ETH origination fee on top of the 10% profit sharing. This is to prevent invalid orders and requests. 

Besides these, there are no other hidden fees on DeFiner. 


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