Using DeFiner 6: Claim Your FIN Token Reward

There are many ways of earning FIN tokens on the DeFiner platform. Here's how you can claim them!

Two types of FIN Reards

Before we dive in, please keep in mind that there are two different types of FIN rewards. Below are the definitions, users can go to different tabs and claim different tokens accordingly. 

  1. Social Mining: These are the tokens that users earned from all the DeFiner social events such as airdrops, and, promotion campaigns, bounty programs, and AMAs. If you are a lucky winner, go to the Social Mining Tab to claim your reward. 
  2. POP Mining: POP stands for Proof of Premium. All the staking rewards on the DeFiner platform can be claimed through this section. 

💻Claim FIN through the Web App

1. Go to and hit "Connect Wallet" on the top right.



2. Select your wallet. In this tutorial, we will use MetaMask as our example. 


3. Once you are connected to your wallet, you will see a FIN reward icon on the top right.


4. Click on the icon and the claim page will pop up. On this page, you can see your Wallet Balance, Unclaimed FIN Balance, and the FIN Price. 

  • POP Mining: Also known as Proof of Premium Mining. You can claim your staking rewards from this tab.
  • Social Mining: You can claim your airdrops and special event rewards from this tab.


5. Click on "Claim" and enjoy your FIN token rewards 😀

📱Claim FIN through the mobile app 

1. Open your DeFiner Mobile app. Click on the "Claim" button on the main page. 

2. Click on the Claim button at the bottom.  

3. Enjoy your rewards!