Using DeFiner 2: How to access DeFiner through your phone

Accessing the Platform Through Your Phone

1. Open the browser on your phone, and go to

2. Hit Connect Wallet at the top and then choose WalletConnect. 

Picture1                   Picture2


For iPhone Users:

  • From here, choose a wallet from the list or select the QR code screen to scan the QR code from another wallet that is compatible with WalletConnect.

Screenshot Wallet Option                 IOS Screen Shot -WalletConnect


For Android users:

  • WalletConnect will auto-detect the wallet app you have on your phone. Simply choose which one to use.
  • Once you hit "Approve" in your wallet app, go back to DeFiner. You will see your wallet connected! 

    Screenshot Wallet - Andirod               screenshot Wallet - Andirod2