The DeFiner Referral Program

The DeFiner referral program is currently only available through the iOS app.

 By participating in the referral program, both you and your referred friends will automatically earn $10 worth of crypto plus an extra 20% FIN mined.

How can I get my rewards? 

When a referred friend downloads the DeFiner App and enters the referral code on the Social Mining page, both you and your referred friends will receive $10 worth of crypto.

Crypto will be sent to the wallet address that you entered in your social mining profile. 

What are the rewards made of? 

Users will get a combo of  “gas cost token”(such as OKT, Matic, and BNB) and DeFiner’s native token, FIN. The total value is $10. This will help users jump-start their DeFiner experience right away without the hustle of getting the gas token for different chains.

$10 worth of crypto is a mix of OKT, Matic, BNB, and FIN. This enables you and your friend to start to use the DeFiner app immediately without figuring a way of getting a gas fee to start and get some FIN in the DeFiner community. Below are what the $10 worth of crypto is made of: 

  • OEC ($OKT) - $1 
  • Polygon ($Matic) - $1
  • BSC ($BNB) - $2
  • DeFiner ($FIN) - $6

This $10 worth of crypto is distributed to your wallet automatically in 2 batches. Upon the successful download of the iOS app and submitting the referral code, 20% of the fund will be transferred to your mining wallet directly. The rest 80% of the fund will be transferred at the end of each month once you complete at least 1 valid deposit to the DeFiner Savings contract. 

Extra 20% of FIN mined by your referee 

Once your referee started to earn FIN from our Proof of Premium (POP) mining program, you will automatically earn a reward which is 20% of unclaimed FIN mined by your friend.  The unclaimed FIN is calculated by the high watermark method, which uses the highest unclaimed balance number in the history and multiple by 20%.

Note: The 20% bonus is an extra mining reward. You are not sharing with your friend. The FIN reward mined by you stays the same. 

The 20% referral FIN will be distributed at the end of each month. You can claim it through the web app or mobile app through the social mining section. Learn more about how to claim your rewards here

 Distribution Time 

  • $10 worth of crypto is real-time. You can claim it right away after you referred your friends 
  • The 20% of FIN mined by your friend will be distributed monthly since we will need some time to gather the data. 

Security & Privacy

Your address will not be shared with your friend.  The referral code is the only information that will be shared with your friend. Please also note that you should not share your private key under any circumstances.