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Smart Contract Audits

Security of the Ethereum smart contracts is an integral part of the DeFiner ecosystem.

To improve the security of these contracts, we adhere to the following best practices: Static Analysis, Surya Reports, and fuzzing.

Read more about our quality assurance process here.

In order to validate our security and compliance infrastructure, DeFiner has already conducted three separate security audits and passed with ‘flying colors'.

Taka Security: Our First round of audit was conducted by Taka Security which was founded by an ex Chain security engineer.

Read about the audit 

Trail of Bits: Our second round of audit was conducted by Trail of bits. They have helped secure some of the world's most targeted organizations and devices ranging from Facebook to DARPA. 

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Consensys Diligence: Our third audit was completed by a security leader in the blockchain space, Consensys Diligence. 

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