Our Products

DeFiner currently offers two products to embark on this new financial frontier.

  • Savings Account with floating rate and the ability to borrow against your savings
  • Permissionless configurable debt market with privacy protected 

DeFiner 1.0 

Our savings account is perfect for people that are looking to deposit their crypto assets, earn compound interest, and deposit or withdraw any time. The savings interest rate is floating, depending on markets and the crypto asset deposited. For even more flexibility and leverage, users are able to borrow against their savings at any time.

Read about savings pool-related tutorials here.

DeFiner 2.0

The permissionless debt market represents a near-perfect solution for the current problems facing DeFi lending protocols and is designed to bring true decentralization to the global DeFi ecosystem. This is DeFiner's second-generation product, DeFiner 2.0. We will be launching the debate market in Q4 2021. 

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