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DeFiner Referrals Program

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For every new friend you invite to join DeFiner, you can both earn free crypto! As soon as the conditions in your promotion are satisfied, we’ll reward both of your accounts. You’re eligible to receive unlimited rewards—so feel free to tell all your friends.

How to Claim Your Free Crypto

How to Claim Your Free Crypto

To claim your reward, navigate to the Account page on your DeFiner web or app. In the lower right corner, tap on “Invite Friends, Get Free Crypto”. From there, share the referral link to the friends you want to invite. Once the conditions in your promotion are satisfied, you’ll receive a free crypto reward.

How to Invite Friends

You can refer your friends to DeFiner directly from your app or web!

  1. Mobile: Tap the account (ME) icon in the bottom right corner;
    Web: Click the account icon in the top right
  2. Tap the Invite friends, get the free crypto tab
  3. Copy referral link 
  4. Invite the friends you want to refer

 You can earn unlimited rewards in free crypto!

How We Reward Your Free Crypto

  • FIN Token Rewards

Gas is expensive and we want to share the pain point that you have. The DeFiner referral program will help share the gas fees that you paid when you deposit and withdraw from the DeFiner platform. 

You will automatically entitled to earn 100 FIN tokens when you sign up. When you refer to your friends, each time a referral signs up and completes their first qualifying deposit, you will be rewarded 20 FIN. Also, you will be entitled to earn 10 FIN of your second-level referral and 5 FIN for third level referral. Those rewards factor will be adjusted periodically.  

  Sign Up 1st Level Referral 2nd Level Referral 3rd level referral
Entitled Rewards 100 FIN 20 FIN 10 FIN 5 FIN


  • How to Claim FIN Token Rewards

FIN Token Social Rewards will be locked up for 3 months.  

In order to claim your earned FIN token rewards, you need to complete at least one transaction on DeFiner platform. This will help us to validate your ERC-20 address and distribute the rewards FIN tokens.

Also, in order to help DeFi savings pool to grow, we introduce a concept called DeFiner Holding Club, members should have $1,000 USD deposit at least for 100 days. or 10,000 USD at least for 10 days. The club points are calculated by deposit value * days and you need 100,000 points to be qualifed to claim your eared FIN tokens.   


  • ETH Rewards

You have a 1 in 10 chance of getting 0.1 - 1 ETH after completing your first transaction in DeFi Savings or Loans. The number of free ETH  is chosen randomly.

The value of the crypto may be anywhere between $10 and $300, and fluctuates based on market movements. Keep in mind there is an approximately 98% chance of the crypto bonus having a value of $10.00-$20.00.


We can’t reward your account for invites you sent before you began participating in the program; and you can’t open a second account to get free crypto.


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