How to Use a Bridge - AnySwap

In this tutorial, we will cover how to transfer your assets from Ethereum to the OEC network using AnySwap

In this tutorial, we will use bridging from Ethereum to OEC as an example here. 

1. Connect the Wallet 

Go to the AnySwap Site. and collect on "Connect Wallet" on the top right. 

Since this is a demonstration of bridging from Ethereum to OEC. Make sure that your wallet is connected to Ethereum Mainnet.  (If you are trying to bridge from OEC to Ethereum, make sure that your network is on OKExChain Mainnet) 

2. Input the Specs 

Input the token that you are trying to bridge between the networks. Let's use FIN as an example here. In the "From" box, put the token name, FIN, and the chain you are trying to bridge from which is ETH here. 

In the "To" box, choose FIN and OKT Mainnet. 

3. Approve and Confirm 

Make sure all the inputs are correct and click on "Confirm". Your MetaMask will be prompted up. Review your info and confirm in MetaMask. 

4. You are all set 

Once you get the confirmation, you are all set to go! To check your transactions, go to OkLink. 

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