Getting Started 1: Setting Up an Account

Embarking on this new financial frontier

  • Create a username and password
  • Fill in your profile information

Ready to get started?

On the home page of, go to the top-right and click on "Sign In/Up".

DeFiner ss 4

Then, click Create Account at the bottom of the sign-in badge.

ss tutorial43-1Next, enter your email and click "Get Started". 

A confirmation link will be sent to your inbox, where you'll click the link in the email from us.

DeFiner ss 6

This link will take you back to, where you now create your password.

Enter your password. The password should contain numbers, letters, and special symbols 6-20 characters in length. Next, confirm it, and click "Create My Account". 

Lastly, you'll be asked to sign back in.

Welcome to DeFiner!

Now, click the arrow next to your username at the top, which will reveal a drop-down menu. Click "Profile". 

DeFiner ss 35

Here, fill in all your basic info allowing yourself to transact on the platform.

ss tutorial42At the bottom of this page, you can sync your Ethereum wallet address to help automate transactions on DeFiner. Learn more about this in the next article: Setting up your Digital Wallet. 


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