DeFiner: What is It?

Welcome to the new frontier of finance.

  • A platform for digital asset finance
  • A non-custodial solution to your decentralized finance needs
  • Run on the Ethereum network

We see the future of money and finance shifting to digital assets (crypto assets, or "crypto" for short). So, we've created a network for digital asset financial services. This is known as decentralized finance, or "DeFi".

Being decentralized, this means we don't have control over your money. You are in total control, with all money stored (and transactions conducted) on a blockchain network—specifically, the Ethereum network. DeFiner is a platform for users to come together, work together, and access the power, flexibility, efficiency, and convenience of decentralized financial services. 

Currently, we offer three such services or products: a digital asset savings account, peer-to-peer lending, and purchasing digital assets. These three allow you to stay in one place for your decentralized finance needs.


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