Using DeFiner 1: Connecting Your Wallet

DeFiner has the option to connect different wallets! Here we share how to connect wallets through our web app. If you are using a mobile device, read this article to help guide you through. Watch this video and follow along to start your journey with DeFiner and the world of DeFi! 


1. MetaMask
  • MetaMask was our original option on the DeFiner platform, auto-connected for convenience. Now with 4 wallet options to choose from, just click on the MetaMask icon to connect it.


Wallet - MetaMask


2. WalletConnect 

  • Click on the WalletConnect option, and you will see a QR code pop up. If you have a WalletConnect-compatible wallet, scan the QR code on the screen of this wallet and you'll be connected in no time. 


Click here to see which wallets WalletConnect supports. 


Web WalletConnection


3. Coinbase Wallet

  • First, pull up your Coinbase Wallet and choose the scan function.
  • Then on the DeFiner web app, select the Coinbase option to reveal the QR code to scan. 


Web WalletConnection Coinbase

4. Ledger

  • First, connect your Ledger to your laptop.
  • Then choose the Leger option from the DeFiner web app. 

Platform Screenshoot Ledger

*This will automatically read all your addresses in Ledger. Pick the address that you want to connect to. 

Ledger Screenshots