What is a Non-Custodian Digital Wallet?

A non-custodial wallet is a decentralized wallet, where the customer owns its private keys.

A digital wallet is what you probably think it is: It is a place to hold your digital assets. There are many popular third party wallets such as Meta Mask, which have the advantage of being able to easily work across the web. There are also digital wallets made specifically for a particular website or service. Coinbase, for instance, has its own wallet. These wallets work seamlessly with their particular website, but often aren't useful outside of it. 


For DeFiner, we integrate the Meta Mask wallet, which is made explicitly for the Ethereum network. Any digital assets of yours not used in a peer-to-peer loan or deposited into our savings account, will remain your digital wallet.   


Learn more about MetaMask in our Set-up here