Getting Started 2: Setting Up Your Digital Wallet

To embark on your journey into this new frontier, you'll need the right gear. First thing you'll need: a wallet.

  • Google Chrome, Brave, and Firefox are supported browsers.
  • Learn which version of MetaMask wallet is compatible for your browser.
  • Following the instructions for installation.

When logged in to your DeFiner account, click on "Connect to wallet" on your username drop down menu. 

ss platform3Since we've integrated the MetaMask wallet, you'll be sent to their website ( Like DeFiner, MetaMask works on the Ethereum network and contains Ethereum-compatible tokens.

When at their site, click the "Download Now" button.

You'll then come to the screen for choosing the appropriate version of MetaMask for your browser. 

DeFiner ss 11

MetaMask works as an extension on desktop web browsers—but only certain ones: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave. So, if you use Safari (on Macs), Internet Explorer, or Edge, you'll need to start using one of the compatible browsers to integrate MetaMask. Or, you can get MetaMask for mobile devices—either Android and Apple (iOS). 

Once you select the appropriate version, click on "Install MetaMask." You'll be taken to your store to download the MetaMask wallet (free of charge). 

(To install MetaMask, click here. To learn more about MetaMask, more info can be found here, here, or here.) JUST REMEMBER: SECURELY STORE YOUR PASSWORD SEED.

Once installed, the MetaMask icon will appear on the top right (Chrome browser pictured) along with any other extensions you may have. Look for the little fox head.

DeFiner ss 12

Now go back to DeFiner and connect your wallet. 

ss platform3With MetaMask now installed, a new small window will appear. Enter your MetaMask wallet password.

ss tutorial-42After entering your password, click "Login" and then "Connect".

Your wallet is now connected to DeFiner!

ss tutorial40

Congratulations. You may now deposit, borrow, lend, and buy crypto assets. Next, we show you how to get some into your wallet.


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