What is DeFiner Savings pool?

A savings pool that pays

  • You have your own control, non-custodian 
  • Make compound interest on your money

  • Enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and efficiency of DeFi


Digital asset savings account functions much like your bank savings account. It's a place to simply keep your money. With DeFi, though, you get to enjoy some significant enhancements.


  • First, deposits and withdrawals are under your full control—when you want, for however much you want. No bank hours to worry about or signatures and I.D. needed. 


The logic is simple, DeFi savings account is a smart contract deployed on the blockchain, which can help to execute transactions like deposit, withdraw, borrow, and repay among depositors and borrowers. DeFiner has zero control of the DeFi savings account. In this way, users can directly transact with each other without putting their assets in the custodianship of DeFiner. 


  • Second, all this efficiency reduces total costs and allows us to pay you significantly higher interest rates on your money than standard banking. You earn compound interest every day your crypto assets are deposited into what we call the "savings pool". And because it's all on the blockchain, all accounts are transparent and your funds always visible to you.




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