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Getting Started with Your DeFi Savings Account 1: Deposit to Earn

A savings account that helps grow your savings

  • Head over to the savings pool
  • Deposit and earn interest

Once you have digital assets in your Meta Mask wallet, you can deposit them into a DeFiner savings account. Start by clicking "Savings" at the top of the screen.

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Here you'll see a list of assets we accept. Choose which one you want to deposit.

ss tutorial14

You can now deposit your chosen asset, which will automatically move from your Meta Mask wallet to your DeFiner savings account.

ss tutorial15

Once you deposit digital assets, you will see them on your savings page.

ss tutorial18

You'll also now see them in your portfolio, where you can view your balance and other statistics concerning your savings—including how much you can borrow against deposit.

ss tutorial17

To withdraw money from your savings account, simply click "withdraw" from your portfolio. The tokens will be put back into your MetaMask wallet (with added interest). 

ss tutorial19

Welcome to the new frontier of financial savings.

Next, learn about borrowing against your savings account.  


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