Getting Started 3: Getting Some Cryptocurrency

You have the wallet. Let's put some money in it.

  • Sync your wallet to DeFiner
  • Buy your first crypto assets

Once you are set up with a DeFiner account and a MetaMask wallet, you can fund your account. 

First, sign in to your DeFiner account. Then, go to Profile at the top of the page.

ss tutorial2

Scroll down to the bottom, where you'll sync your MetaMask wallet address to DeFiner.

ss tutorial3

Click on the pencil icon. 

ss tutorial4 Then, click the "Sync" button.

ss tutorial5This will bring up a small window with your wallet address. Click "Confirm". 

You'll now see your MetaMask wallet address entered on your profile.

Click the blue check mark to finish the job. 

ss tutorial6You're synced.

Now, click "Funding" at the top of the page. Here is where you'll fund your wallet. 

ss tutorial7Funding is made possible through our integration of Wyre, a program that allows you to buy crypto from your bank account. For this, you'll need to sign up for a Wyre account.

ss tutorial8Once you click "Register", you'll be asked to confirm your MetaMask address.

After doing this, you'll see this screen where you'll click on MetaMask. 

ss tutorial10

From here, a MetaMask window pops up asking you to sign. 

ss tutorial11ss tutorial12

After you click "Sign", you can begin registering your Wyre account. 

DeFiner ss 25

Because Wyre connects to your bank account, it will require your social security number and other information. The process usually takes about one day.

Once you're set up with Wyre, you can purchase digital assets though DeFiner. They will be deposited directly to your MetaMask wallet. 

ss tutorial9Welcome to the new frontier of finance!

Next, we'll explain what you can do with your crypto: Deposit into a digital asset savings account, explore peer-to-peer lending, or trade. 


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