DeFiner Social Mining Program

DeFiner Social Mining Program

Building a DeFi DAO community, growing, and sharing with DeFiner is our mission. We are building a next-generation DeFi banking system to serve crypto-asset owners to deposit, borrow and earn crypto. The platform is built by the community and owned by the community. Therefore, we launch the social mining program to further share the growth of DeFiner with the community.

The social mining program includes social media sharing, ambassador, DeFiner DAO and product improvement and feedback, and a referral program.

Total Pool: $10K worth of FIN / Quarter 

Tier 3: Dating Phase 

Activities in this phase are “grab and go”. There’s no commitment. Main activities in this phase include social media engagement and iOS app involvement. 

Social Media Sharing

  • Twitter
    • Tier1: Newcomers 
        • Follow Twitter and like 5 posts
    • Tier2: Getting involved
      • Engage in DeFiner’s tweets 
        • Comment and retweet
      • Comment under the KOL’s Twitter post and @ DeFiner  
    • Tier 3: Spread the words  
      • Comment under the influencer account about DeFiner and @DeFiner 
  •  Discord
    • Engagement level rewards - based on MEE6 ranks and provide different reward levels S
    • Participate in the bi-weekly live updates 


  • App Store activities: comments and a 5-star rating

Tier 2: Relationship Phase 

In this phase, activities require more involvement. The more you are involved with DeFiner, the more rewards you will earn. 

  •  Referral Program:
    • $10 crypto rewards 
    • 20% FIN mined 
  •  Product improvement & feedback
    • Quarterly Reward pool 
    • Model similar to the current iOS bounty program 
    • Feedback rewards + Bug bounty rewards 

Tier 1: Marriage Phase 

A deeper commitment with DeFiner. On an individual level, users can participate the DeFiner ambassador program. On a community level, they can participate and become part of the DeFiner Dao program 

Ambassador program

DeFiner is always looking for new ways to evolve the Blockchain Community. 

We are looking for an outgoing ambassador to join us and become the face of the company. As an ambassador, you will help build awareness through word-of-mouth marketing.  


  • Marketing Ambassador: Promote DeFiner through social media, assist in content creation for the blog, newsletter, and bylines, attend and network at blockchain events, and generate brand awareness. 
  • Design Ambassador: Design graphics for the social media platforms, edit videos and create playlists. 
  • Operation Ambassador: Manage the DeFiner Discord/Telegram, identify new growth opportunities, assist in translating content. 

Ambassador Rewards 

DeFiner's Ambassador Program will be using the Point System. The total ambassador pool is 10k per year! 

  • Become an influencer in the blockchain industry and grow your career goals
  • Gain access to an extensive network of blockchain companies through the ambassadors and their networks 
  • Claim FIN token rewards: Read the details here

DeFiner DAO program

  • Online event
    • Hosting online events as a DeFiner such as Twitter space live, AMAs, YouTube live and etc. 
    • Help DeFiner manage, build and expand our communities and social media presence 
  • Offline event
    • Hosting offline events for DeFiner in different cities. Funds are available after submitting the budget requests. 
    • Selected organizations from different regions become the representative of DeFiner and become the DeFiner hub of that city/country. 

Social Mining Points system 

Social MIning Points System