How to Use a Bridge - Boring Dao

In this tutorial, we will cover how to transfer your assets from Ethereum to the OEC network using Boring Dao.

I. Initiate the Transfer ( ETH - OEC)  

1. Connect your wallet. 

2. Fill in the details and approve 

  • Choose Ethereum as your Source Chain and OKEXChain as your Destination Chain
  • Enter the amount of FIN that you want to move ( Minimum 100 FIN ) 
  • Assigned Address is the address that you want to transfer your asset to
  • Hit the "Approve" Button  

*Note: Please make sure that you are at least transferring 100 FIN. Otherwise, you will be getting an error message. See an example of the error message below.

3. Confirm your transaction 

Once the approval is shown as "Success" (a green check mark in the button), you can hit the "Confirm" button on the left. 


II. Check your transactions 

Now that you finish your transaction, here's how you can check your balance in your destination wallet. 

  • Switch the net work to OKEXChain 
  • You will get a notification in your wallet. 
  • Hit "Switch Network"


The FIN OEC Contract Address is :

  • Make sure you are on the OKExChain network
  •  Click on "Add Token" 
  • Insert the token address above and follow the steps 
  • You will be able to see your FIN balance once you successfully added the token. 


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