Governance Token FIN

FIN token and the governance mechanism

DeFiner's mission is to create a true peer-to-peer financial network that consumers and businesses can rely on to perform financial transactions such as debt issuing, investment, savings, loans, and payments. To achieve this mission, we understand that decentralized governance is necessary to build the trust of the financial network by removing the largest single point of failure (our team) and creating an indestructible, open network that can evolve organically. 


At the beginning of the development of this network, a lot of updates, management is required, and to take the best interest of the community. Therefore, the governance right is under the control of the DeFiner team. Once we believe, the network has reached a mature level. We will return the governance power to the community.

Here we introduce a governance system that eventually will replace the DeFiner administrator with community governance to allow the community to suggest, debate, and implement changes.

DeFiner Governance Token (FIN)

The DeFiner token FIN is both the native currency and a self-governance mechanism of the DeFiner platform. , allows users to access the platform to create their loan smart contract agreement.

The DeFiner token FIN, a total of 168 million, represents management rights, expressed through proposals and voting rights to guide the evolution of the DeFiner platform. Management rights include voting for DeFiner platform parameter changes, protocol change, and so on. Furthermore, FIN holders will share the value created by the platform and be rewarded periodically with fees collected through the platform.

The minimum unit of FIN is DFIN, which 10^6 DFIN equals 1 FIN and DFIN cannot be subdivided. For convenience and to avoid a future argument, the denominations will be pre-labeled: 1: DFIN 10^6: FIN This should be taken as an expanded version of the concept of "dollars" and "cents" or "BTC" and "satoshi". In the near future, we expect "FIN" to be used for ordinary platform transactions, "DFIN" for Micro-transactions, technical discussions around fees, platform parameters and protocol implementation, etc.

Governance and Voting Rights

One of the most important values of the DeFiner is to put the community first. FIN token holders are the owner, who are managing the DeFiner platform and community via voting. FIN owners submit a proposal to request change the parameters such as loan to collateral value ratio, transaction fees structure etc. 

Voting rules: Each FIN token will represent 1 voting right. The more FIN you own, the more influence you will have in the decision voting process, to keep the platform secure, evolving and prosperous for the community.

DeFiner lending follows “Majority Rule” decision making. This means that 51% of current circulating FIN is required to approve any proposal change; 20% of current circulating FIN is required to bring a proposal to the voting stage. 5% of circulating FIN is required to create a proposal.